Xiaomi regresa y responde al iPad con una tableta poderosa y notable

20/12/2021 , 245 Puntos de vista

Android brands have regained their interest in tablets, a trend manifested in debuts on the slope and in comebacks such as Xiaomi , articulated in the Xiaomi Pad 5 , a device that without hiding its inspiration in the iPad seeks to rival the iconic product with a Remarkable general level and the extra attractiveness of the price .

The Xiaomi Pad 5, available for 400 euros in a WiFi version and with a configuration of 6 GB + 128 GB, stands out first for its elegant design, with aluminum frames and with a rear in the style of Xiaomi mobile phones as indicated by its refined point , the captured colors (Pearl White, with a pleasant gloss effect, and Cosmic Gray) and the camera module. It doesn’t matter at all that the back is made of plastic.

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It exhibits an ideal thickness (6.85 mm) and opts for a moderate weight (511 grams) . It is comfortable to handle, although it is true that there are times when the hand gets tired , especially when due to the habit acquired by the smartphone it tends to take only one.

The tablet, with its own adapted MIUI interface, surprises with its large 11-inch screen (in terms of size and quality) with WQHD + resolution , 120 Hz refresh rate and up to 500 nits of brightness. The experience that awaits is combined , in different fields, with the power and speed in terms of performance , with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor at the front, and the sound caused by its four speakers (two on top and two on the bottom) and by Dolby Atmos .

The capacity of its battery, 8,720 mAh, implies a more than satisfactory autonomy that ensures several days of use. Of course, this section presents the less favorable side of the load, quite slow for these times. The charger supports 22.5W, which in itself is not bad, although a plus would have been desirable.

The question of the load does not stop entering within the secondary. Here it also appears what is related to the cameras, functional and that they comply, although as the user knows the photos are not the strength of the tablets (they are not required either). The rear sensor offers 13 MP (allows you to record videos in 4K) and the front, with more discreet results, 8 MP.

The Xiaomi Smart PenIn Xiaomi’s long-awaited return to tablets, the pencil could not be missing. If its main competitors have the Apple Pencil and the S Pen ( Samsung ), Xiaomi sports the Xiaomi Smart Pen , which yes, is sold separately and costs 100 euros . 20Bits has also been able to test it. It is a seductive whim. It is a pleasure to draw on the notes and let yourself be carried away by the inner child and by creativity , for what it is conceived. In contrast, at the same time it gives the feeling that the manufacturer could have made more juice with specific applications . Hence the point that from the user’s perspective it is a complement to indulge yourself.

The Xiaomi Smart Pen, with two buttons, weighs 12.2 grams and is charged magnetically by placing it on the right side (vertically) of the tablet. Recover energy quickly. It is paired via Bluetooth , as for example it would be done with headphones. Regarding the latter, it should be noted that the Xiaomi Pad 5 dispenses with the classic 3.5 mm socket.

Technical Sheet Xiaomi Pad 5

Screen: 11 inches / 120 Hz / WQHD +Configuration: 6GB + 128GBQualcomm Snapdragon 860 processorBattery: 8,720 mAhAndroid 11 according to MIUI 12.5 for iPadFour speakers, Dolby Atmos soundConnectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0Cameras (13 MP and 8 MP)22.5W charging, Dolby Vision compatible, Xiaomi Smart Pen compatible (sold separately)Weight: 511 gramsPrice: 399.99 euros